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Consumer groups

A consumer group is a group of people who come together, moved by various reasons (mainly ecological, economic and health), organize themselves to make family purchases together and then obtain various advantages; advantages that affect both the members of the group and society in general, the environment, etc.

The creation of a consumption group arises from the need for a group of people who believe in more responsible consumption.

  • That the shipping costs are shared among all the people who share lot.

  • That it is less polluted because the ecological footprint is reduced as it is a single transport shared by all.

  • There are no intermediaries, only producers and consumers.

  • That costs are lowered and the price is affordable for everyone.

  • That you help the producer and his project continue to exist.

  • That you know firsthand where the product comes from and their producers with names and surnames.


Collective purchases

If you have already organized into a consumer group, you can fill out the order form, indicating your needs.

If this is the first time you write, we will contact you to learn more about your project and get closer to the people who make it up.

If you can’t organize a group, contact us and we’ll tell you how to join a collective purchase.

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