As we are

Enclave de Oliva is an original project from Baena (Córdoba) located in South Spain. Olive tree ancestral land, it is born to get an organic, fresh and alive olive oil. Manage by a family farming who works in ecological production for more than 10 years ago. With a philosophy of life respecting the environment, giving a true guarantee of quality, and bringing product and producer closer to all those who want to know the origin of what they consume. Without transforming qualities into intermediaries.

We take care of our land only using methods that favor fertility and biodiversity. Vegetation, insects, and birds have a very important role because they help to keep the natural balance of the olives grove ecosystem and therefore to harvest an olive oil of excellent quality.

What do we do

The name of “Enclave de Oliva” includes three concepts by itself:

First, means the singular place where our olive grove is located, Baena saw, of limestone land and soft temperature, where a very fruity flavor is obtained.

Secondly, the Olive Oil is the Enclave where all varieties are found and the reason of our doing.

And finally, it is the Enclave where all people who take care of this land meet, share synergies, feelings and opinions.

Land caring is important for this Enclave, we enjoy taking care of these crops whose spearhead is led by love and harmony.

Nowadays, Enclave de Oliva take part of social involvement, consumer networks, works with local market productions and food sovereignty. Find more information in our news section.

We take care of life, life takes care of us

How do we do – Handling

From our point of view, Handling is to take care of land through the knowledge of olive grove needs, not only for production but to keep the fertility of land as a leafy forest. Obviously, using this management the olive oil production quality is highly favored, for this reason, it is very important for us to keep our crops plenty of life.

On this kind of handling, to obtain and maintain a high natural fertility, we use throughout only addition of organic material, crushed pruning and tree cover cleaning. This treatment is necessary not only for soil quality improvement but feeding the grove, ground water fixation and also favoring the root system and soil structure.

It is pruned when the wooden part exceeds the leaf part and for old wood regenerating. We make tree cleanings in order to keep longer some other bigger cuts mostly each end of summer. The use of agricultural inputs is adjusted to leaves analytics results made each summer.

It will depend on such weather conditions each year. To fertilize the ground is used goat manure, organic ecological pellet and alperujo (by-product of olive oil extraction).

Definitely, it is a very hard work but so hugely rewarding.

How do we do – Harvest

Each year, we feel the olives harvest and olive oil extraction like the birth of a child. The feeling to hold in your hands something that will have its own life with essence of its caretaker. We think of people at home, dishes where our olive oil will be witness of conversations, feelings and sensations around the essence of Enclave de Oliva.

The weather will advise us for the harvest time. It will depend on the progress of each year, especially the autumn before the harvest to obtain a singular optimum olive oil.

The harvest as any other activities is carefully made in order to avoid losing of leaves or branches. We keep control that olives are harvested and milled into the same day or the day after. Along this period, from the olives fall to the milling process, the olive has a low and stable temperature, what favor hugely the organoleptic characteristics without oxidation of the fruit. By this way the acidity will be so much low, under 0,1 degree.